Covid19 a different world 1 year on

COVID-19: A different world – 1 year on

Almost to the day, one year after Guardian’s article ‘Making the most of self-quarantine,’ (April 13th, 2020) we thought it was time to ask everyone how they are.

It would be stating the obvious to say its been a challenging year. Everyone will have their own very unique perspectives, experiences and position on COVID-19, but one thing is certain; We have all been forced to slow down.

Recommendations from us last April for surviving time at home included learning a language, cooking, and time spent talking to (if not with) family and friends. Other ideas were yoga, playing instruments and being creative with art projects. Did any of our readers follow our recommendations to help fill their time during the various lockdowns?

Amongst our team at Guardian there are some who took up baking, and some who created new exercise routines that do not involve gym attendance. There are also some who developed that famous COVID belly, and that is ok too.

On a more serious note it has been a stressful time for all.

We are therefore wondering how our readers took care of their mental health. As insurance is our business, we have an awareness as to how stress can affect both physical and mental health, and in addition possibly lead to increased road accidents. Please be kind to yourselves even now, and reach out to talk to someone if you really have something bothering you. If no family member or close friend is available, a quick Google search should provide you with numbers for agencies designed to listen and support those in crisis.

As for moving forward, look out for coming articles on issues such as the unfortunate price increases in the insurance industry, navigating payments on insurance claims, and the importance of disclosing pre-existing conditions.

Here at Guardian we will do our upmost to keep you well advised, and for-warned to ensure you are never left without insurance coverage.

Stay well!

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