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Whether you are in Mexico, the U.S., Canada or any other country, your health will always be your most valuable asset. While healthcare costs in Mexico are considerably lower compared to first-world countries, facing a health issue can drastically affect your financial stability.

As an expat, one of the main problems you will face is finding a health insurance provider in Mexico that fits your unique wants and needs; Bilingual assistance anytime you need it, free election of doctors and hospitals, direct payment benefit and a policy structure simple to understand.

At Guardian Insurance MX, we have personally researched and evaluated the options in the market, and we have chosen only companies that can match and exceed your insurance expectations in every way. You can rest easy, knowing that every program that we offer is one put to the test by us, a team of expats and nationals working together towards the same goal: your satisfaction.

Unlike most health insurance providers in Mexico, the companies we work with offer a service and coverage that fits perfectly with you. Some of those benefits are here:

  • Free choice of hospitals and doctors throughout the world, including the U.S., Canada and Europe (subject to the company you choose)
  • Free election of doctors and medical facilities. Most insurance companies in Mexico have a specific network of hospitals and doctors
  • Bilingual assistance 24/7
  • One deductible per person per year, not per incident like most insurance providers in Mexico
  • No copay/coinsurance. Your deductible is the only amount paid out of your pocket
  • No deductible for accidents (subject to the company you choose)
  • No restrictions due to sexual orientation
  • Preexisting condition coverage (subject to provider’s evaluation)
  • Transfer of seniority if you’re currently covered with another insurance company
  • The lowest waiting periods in Mexico
  • Your policy is not cancelled due to age or use

For more details, fill out the easy request a quote form and receive a quote with the complete schedule of benefits of the insurance company or contact us.

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