Avoiding Health Insurance Fraud

There have been many horror stories regarding people’s experience with health insurance or lack of; whether the agent was not truthful or worse, the agent was not authorized to sell health insurance plans. Your health is most important, know who you are dealing with when it comes to health insurance companies and avoid being a victim of fraudulent policies.

How do I know if my insurance broker is legitimate?

  • Ask for proof, do they work for a licensed agency and licensed to sell insurance in Mexico?
  • I recognize the business name, so it must be legit, right?
  • Some fraudsters may copy a well-known brand and use it as their own. Confirm contact information to be sure you are speaking with a legitimate insurance company.


My agent requires a signing fee, is this a standard business practice?

No, never pay an upfront fee that is above your policy fee and never send money to an unidentified post box or electronic account


It looks like my health insurance premium is much cheaper online, is it a safe way to buy?

As always, if it sounds too good to be true, it is, it may be tempting, but buying insurance from an unknown company online can be risky.


I received a cold call, and the caller offered me comprehensive health insurance at a special price which was only available during this call, does it sound suspicious?

Never buy insurance from a cold caller who is pushing you to purchase immediately without researching the product. This type of call has a high potential for fraud


My agent made all kinds of promises in his sales pitch for health insurance, and now I realize none of those promises are included, is there anything I can do?

Get everything in writing, make sure all the agent’s promises are included in your policy. There is no recourse for broken promises if they are not documented.

A good rule of thumb is, if a health insurance broker does not take the time to answer all your questions, provide options, and explain the policy, do not purchase their policy. If they are not there for you during the sales pitch, they certainly will not be there for you when you have a claim.


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