Medical Insurance

Whether you live in Mexico part time or full time, or are just on 5-day trip here, or are planning on visiting your home country or any other country outside of Mexico, we have a medical insurance option to:

  • Provide you with full health insurance coverage in Mexico and/or throughout the world
  • Cover your inbound or outbound short-term trip
  • Complement your existing travel or health insurance policy with a MedEvac option

All of these come with the guarantee of having your policy issued through some of the best Mexican and International insurance companies at the level of quality that will satisfy and fulfill your needs and expectations. What benefits can you get through our insurance companies?

  • Assistance in your own language
  • Direct payment to hospitals and doctors worldwide
  • Free selection of medical facilities
  • Option to be covered in Mexico, and worldwide including or excluding the U.S.
  • Detailed explanation of the benefits and coverage you will be entitled to
  • Financially stable insurance providers
  • Companies with offices in Mexico and other countries
  • Option to be flown back to the city of your choice in your home country due to an emergency
  • And much more…

Click on the option below that best satisfies your needs:

Health/Medical Insurance in Mexico

(full-time or part-time)

If you want a full health insurance policy in Mexico, with national and/or international coverage and direct payment, we have multiple options with some of the best insurance companies throughout the world, and prices much lower than those from your home country.

Travel Insurance

(inbound and outbound)

If you are traveling to or from Mexico, we have a variety of plans to cover you against any unforeseen event or situation. Direct payment and assistance in your own language are only some of the benefits offered by our companies.

Medical Evacuation

If you have a health or travel insurance policy to cover your hospitalization, and are looking for the perfect complement to fly you home and continue your treatment there, then this is exactly what you need.

Mexican Presence

Legal and Physical Offices throughout Mexico

Claims Assistance

Helping your claim get settled quickly and fairly

English-Language Assistance

Never feel like you do not understand what you are getting

Expats on Staff

Advice from people who understand your thought process

Multiple Options Per Products

Find the perfect policy for your needs and lifestyle

Customer Service

Expect a rapid response and a friendly and personalized experience

Receive all the latest offers, news & updates