Guardian Expat Care Program

A membership for Everybody

Expat care membership

Membership price:  from $8,150 up to $52,200 MXN per year, per person, regardless of age and preexisting conditions.

Each membership would save you, on average, 60%-70% of the cost of the benefits they offer, combined

The Perfect complement to your insurance. The perfect alternative for those without insurance.

As medical inflation and policy premiums continue to rise, the capacity of Expats to cope with unforeseen medical expenses has become more and more challenging.

Some Expats are finding it difficult to keep insurance for the following reasons:

In response to all those challenges and a growing need for quality health services, Guardian Insurance MX in partnership with Expat Care is launching a membership program designed as a perfect complement to the scenarios mentioned above, with coverage of a complete range of services focused on meeting and allowing Expats to access quality healthcare without draining their funds.

Expat Care Program

Some of the main benefits of the Expat Care Program

Coverage for medical emergencies up to 15,000 USD per year
Preexisting conditions coverage
No age limit to apply and guaranteed renewal for life
No deductible or copay
Private ambulance
Dental coverage
Discounts on the total amount of your hospital bill
Free annual checkups
Access to GP and Specialist consultations
Discounts on cosmetic treatments and procedures

Get your card!

Expat Care Bronze Card

Bronze Card

  • Medical Expenses (Up to $2,000 USD)
  • Annual Basic checkup
  • Dental cleaning
  • GP Consultation
  • Feee ambulance
  • Discount on your hospital bill
Expat Care Gold Card

Gold Card

  • Medical Expenses (Up to $5,000 USD)
  • Annual Basic checkup
  • 1 Dental cleaning
  • 2 GP consultation
  • Feee ambulance
  • Discount on your hospital bill
Expat Care Snowbid Card

Guardian Blue Card

  • Medical Expenses (Up to $10,000 USD)
  • Annual Basic checkup
  • 1 Dental cleaning
  • Unlimited GP consultation
  • Free ambulance
  • Discount on your hospital bill
Expat Care Premium Card

Premium Black Card

  • Medical Expenses (Up to $15,000 USD)
  • Annual Complete checkup
  • 2 Dental cleaning
  • Unlimited GP consultation
  • Free ambulance
  • 10% Discount on your hospital bill

These are some of the 25+ benefits offered by our memberships

Hospital Network

The following list includes the main hospitals/medical providers available in each city where the membership has been launched: Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlán, and Ajijic/Chapala

Puerto Vallarta

Vallarta Medical Center


Hospital CEMEQ


Ribera Medical Center


No, the price of the membership is the same for all ages

There is no deductible or copayment.  

Because this is not an insurance policy, there is no restriction on preexisting conditions. You can apply with preexisting conditions and even receive coverage for them through the membership

No medical labs necessary to apply. 

Yes, this membership is perfect to complement your existing policy. For example, if your policy has exclusions on preexisting conditions, this membership offers coverage for such conditions.

Did you know…?

– If you have a high or very high deductible, most benefits of this membership can go towards the annual deductible of your policy (provided such benefits are also offered by your policy)

– Some policies only cover certain specific conditions, so our membership is the perfect suit for the gap between

– Our membership gives you discounts on your deductible, regardless of the company you carry, as long as it works with the hospitals in the membership network

– The emergency coverage limit of our membership can absorb the deductible of your policy, without you having to pay for it out of pocket

– If you have exceeded the age to qualify for insurance. This membership doesn’t have an age limit to apply.

– If you have preexisting conditions that disqualify you from getting insurance. Because this membership is not insurance, you don’t have to worry about that. You can enroll in it and receive its benefits with or without preexisting conditions.

– If you cannot afford a private insurance policy, facing a major medical event with your savings is also a big risk that could lead to bankruptcy. The benefits of our membership, plus the discounts on hospital bills it provides can help you protect your health without affecting your financial stability.

Important: This is NOT an insurance policy, nor should it be seen as one or a replacement to your policy. The benefits of these memberships are meant to complement a policy, or for those who cannot afford or qualify for insurance.