Insurance for Expats & Digital Nomads

Mobile Hero

For people vacationing, living, working or investing in Mexico

Digital Nomad Insurance
Expat Insurance

The right insurance plan for every need

Health Insurance

Peace of mind for unexpected health changes

Travel Insurance

Protection for unforeseeable travel events

Car Insurance

Mexican & Foreign-plated vehicles

Property Insurance

Protect your assets, insure your property

MedEvac Insurance

Secure medical transport, anywhere, anytime

Boat Insurance

Liability-only or Full-coverage options available

Life Insurance

Secure your future and that of your loved ones

HOA Insurance

Protect community assets with HOA insurance

We are an experienced international team working towards one goal: your peace of mind

With Expats, Digital Nomads and Mexicans on staff, we are able to understand how insurance in Mexico and other countries works, and find plans that suit our clients’ specific needs.

Our continuing commitment to excellence for our clients provides you with additional benefits than those offered by your policy.

Digital Nomad

Striving to go above and beyond the standard customer service in Mexico through:

Mexican Presence

Legal and Physical Offices throughout Mexico

Expats on Staff​​

Advice from people who understand your thought process

English-Language Assistance​​

Never feel like you do not understand what you are getting

Claims Assistance

Helping your claim get settled quickly and fairly

Multiple Options per Products​​

Find the perfect policy for your needs and lifestyle

Customer Service​​

Expect a rapid response and a friendly and personalized experience

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