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We are an experienced international team working towards one goal: your peace of mind.

With Guardian Insurance MX, you no longer have to worry about your insurance in Mexico. Most Mexican policies are similar to those of any other country, as long as you choose the right brokerage and the right insurer. Our continuing commitment to excellence for our clients provides you with additional benefits than those provided by your policy.

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Legal and Physical Offices throughout Mexico

Helping your claim get settled quickly and fairly

Never feel like you do not understand what you are getting

Advice from people who understand your thought process

Find the perfect policy for your needs and lifestyle

Expect a rapid response and a friendly and personalized experience


Whether you live in Mexico part time or full time, or are just on trip here, or are planning on visiting your home country or any other country outside of Mexico, we have a medical insurance for you.

The life insurance category in Mexico encompasses a few different types of policies, and can help you and your loved ones in a number of different situations.

Whether you are bringing your foreign-plated vehicle with you into Mexico, legalizing your vehicle at the border so it has Mexican plates, or purchasing a vehicle in Mexico, contact us for a quote.

Liability insurance for boats is governed on a national level, and there is a minimum amount of liability required for all boats while in Mexican waters, however there is no specific amount stated.

We are happy to issue multiple quotes, with different value modifications, or coverage’s included or excluded, until you are completely satisfied with the amount of coverage that you will have.

Depending on your business, liability coverage may be required by law, however it is not mandatory, a policy of this type is well worth it to protect the business you will work so hard to create.

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