Foreign-Plated Auto Insurance

We provide comprehensive auto insurance for Foreign-Plated vehicles operating within Mexico

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How does Foreign-Plated Auto Insurance work?

When you bring your foreign-plated vehicle into Mexico, there are a few things you will need to do, and one of them should be making sure you have an auto insurance policy in place. We can help you to issue these policies in advance, so that you are insured from the moment you cross the border. 

Having expats on staff and serving foreigners in Mexico allows us to issue policies of this type more often than other brokers. We have been able to identify the best companies that provide many different options and benefits for these types of policies.


What does our Auto Insurance cover?

Options from 1 day up to a full year of coverage​
Liability-Only, and Full Coverage Options
Coverage for Total theft, Total Loss, and Material Damages
Coverage for US, Canadian, and European-plated vehicles​
Set deductibles rather than percentages of vehicle value​
Coverage for RV’s, motorcycles and ATV’s with foreign-plates​
Coverage for items being towed (boats, campers, other vehicles, travel trailers, etc.)​
Vandalism Coverage​

Frequently Asked Questions

The TIP is the short word for Temporary Import Permit, this document is a Mexican law requirement for vehicles that enter the country with foreign plates.

It’s not a requirement to issue the policy but we recommend to start the process as soon as you enter Mexico since in the event of a claim, this will be a necessary document.

Yes, since the full coverage plan includes the material damages to the vehicle and total theft along with other benefits.

This benefit only applies if the person driving the vehicle is foreign and has their valid driver’s license.

You can list up to two people in the policy with no extra cost.

Yes, this is a quick and easy process, you can just provide the information when issuing the policy and you will receive the documents with these specifications. 

The process of purchasing is very easy going once all the necessary information is gathered and you have chosen the best suited plan for you. 

Get your personalized Auto Insurance!