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Property Insurance

Property Insurance

Purchasing property in a foreign country can be a big investment. Whether you plan to live in it seasonally or use it for rental income, or just renting a condo unit for yourself, you can afford to protect your investment. When people vacation or live in Mexico, many choose the beach areas, and the properties in these areas present a higher risk due to hurricanes and severe weather conditions.

At Guardian Insurance MX, along with health insurance, we view property insurance as one of the most important choices you have to make. It is important for you to know how your deductibles and copayments work, and how your property will be considered in the event of a claim, as they vary from policy to policy. If you live in a condo it is also important to obtain a copy of the master HOA policy, so that we can issue your individual policy accordingly to ensure you are not over or under insuring anything.

We are happy to issue multiple quotes, with different value modifications, or coverages included or excluded, until you are completely satisfied with the amount of coverage that you will have.

Some of the benefits of our property insurance policies include:

  • Cross Liability: If you cause damage to properties around you, such as a water leak in a condo complex.
  • Coverage Extension: If damage is caused to your property by another person (see example above), and they do not have insurance, your policy extends coverage to you.
  • Extra living expenses and loss of rental income coverage
  • Inexpensive power surge coverage for electronics
  • Renter’s Liability
  • Coverage for jewelry, artwork, collectibles, memorabilia, and rare or expensive items

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If the Property is NOT mainly concrete and cement, please specify

Is the Property less than 500 meters from the ocean or 250 meters from a natural lake, river or lagoon?

COVERAGE INFO (Please PROVIDE VALUES IN USD for all coverage's desired)

Structure Replacement Value including value of outdoor constructions

Outdoor Constructions (please list what the constructions are with their corresponding values, i.e. palapa, pergolas, solar panels, pool, etc.)

Contents Value

Would you like Hurricane/Severe Weather Coverage?

Would you like Earthquake and Volcanic Eruption Coverage?

Extra Expenses/Loss of Rental Income (Only for 6-month or annual rental with a contract)

Third-Party Liability (At least 100,000 USD in coverage is required)

Glass Breakage Value (Interior glass such as shower doors, and minor damage to exterior glass)

Theft of Contents Value? If desired, please provide a limit of no more than 50% of total contents value

Electrodomestic Equipment Value (Covers power surges for all electronics and in the event of a claim proof is required)? If desired please specify amount

Do you have security measures for theft and fire installed in your Property? (example: fire extinguishers, hydrants, alarm, suveillance, safe, cameras)


For hurricane insurance discount: Do you have hurricane shutters on all external windows and doors? (Proof is required to bind policy)

Would you like Employers Liability (an employment contract needed in the event of a claim)

Any Additional comments or notes

*Homeowner Assistance Services are Always Included with All Non-Commercial Properties