Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance for independent travelers and their families.

Travel insurance policies are usually meant to be issued for 1 day up to about 5 months, so they are meant for people vacationing in Mexico, or snowbirds that spend the winter in Mexico. After the 5 month mark the policies begin to get as expensive as private health insurance policies, with slightly less coverage. However, some travel insurance policies can be issued for a full year, and in certain situations are the best alternative, over that of private health insurance.

Besides that, preexisting conditions are completely excluded. Because of that, you are almost always eligible for a policy, so anything new that may happen is covered. With a private health policy, depending on the type and severity of your preexisting condition, you may be denied by the insurance provider.

Travel insurance is one of the most diluted insurance products on the market. With many varieties of travel insurance being provided by travel agencies, credit cards, airlines, etc. However, those policies can be very limited to the actual coverage that is provided. At Guardian Insurance MX we have done our research through working with multiple companies, and work only with providers that provide select coverages that are the most sought after by our clients.

Some of the benefits of our travel insurance policies include:

For more details, fill out the easy request a quote and receive a quote with the complete schedule of benefits of the insurance company or contact us.

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