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Protection for unforeseeable travel events

Travel Insurance

How does Travel Insurance work?

Travel insurance policies used to be meant for those people traveling for a few days or maybe even a few months. However, the category of travelers has changed, and it’s now more frequent to see Expats, Digital Nomads, Snowbirds, or tourists in general needing travel policies for periods that can go from 1 day up to 6 months.

Of course, these policies are not created to replace a regular health insurance plan, hence the importance of being aware that travel policies are mainly for emergencies when traveling, be that an emergency related to your health, loss of important documents or luggage, travel assistance, etc.



What does Travel Insurance cover?

Emergencies due to accidents and/or illnesses
Direct Payment to hospitals
Free choice of hospitals and doctors worldwide
You can purchase even if you are already in your destination country
Up to $450,000 USD of coverage per event
Plans are available from even 1 day up to 6 months
Multi-destination trips
Zero deductible/excess
Zero copay/coinsurance
COVID coverage regardless of travel restrictions
Multilingual assistance 24/7
Early return due to disasters at home or family emergencies

Frequently Asked Questions

No, our plans have been designed by insurance experts, travelers, and digital nomads to make them attractive and easy to use and understand. So once you have paid your premium, there is no other fee that you are responsible for.

With most providers, you need to purchase the policy before you leave home. With our plans, however, you have the option to buy it even if you are already in your destination. This is possible thanks to constant negotiations with our providers. Of course, buying the policy before your departure will always give you more benefits such as trip cancellation, loss of luggage, etc.,

Nevertheless, if your main concern is having protection against medical expenses, our plans are perfect for it and available even if you’ve left home already.

You can extend the coverage of your plan by contacting our team at service@guardianinsurancemx.com or completing the online travel insurance form

With most companies the age limit is 69. With our providers, however, the limit goes from 65 to 85 depending on the plan you want.

Travel Insurance providers can pay directly to hospitals and doctors as long as the client/patient stays a minimum of 24 hours in hospitalization. If the hospital stay is less than that, it will operate via reimbursement

Travel Insurance providers typically work with an open network, meaning you can go to any hospital or doctor in the area where you are, and the company will be able to pay directly provided the hospital/doctor accepts payments from insurance companies, which is the case most of the time

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