Professional Liability Insurance

Protect yourself and your investments

Liability Insurance

How does Professional Liability Insurance work?

Many people do not want to wait until they are retired to live the type of lifestyle that Mexico offers. Many expats move to Mexico and open restaurants, some give charters and tours or become scuba instructors, many get into real estate, among many other things.

Despite what type of business you have decided to open, there is a professional liability policy available for you, so that you can protect yourself and your investment against any lawsuits due to injuries or errors and omissions. Depending on your business, liability coverage may be required by law, however it is not mandatory, a policy of this type is well worth it to protect the business you will work so hard to create.


What does Professional Liability Insurance cover?

Underwritten only by the largest insurance providers in Mexico
Policies and coverages tailored to your specific business and needs
Coverage for damages caused unintentionally by you or your employees
Coverage for consequential losses
Earthquake and volcanic eruption coverage
Severe weather and hurricane coverage
Explosion, fire or lighting coverage
Theft and/or assault coverage
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