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Bringing your sea vessel into Mexico is relatively similar to bringing your foreign-plated vehicle into Mexico. You will receive a temporary import permit, and it is also important that you get a Certificate of Maritime Safety, which can be issued by your local harbormaster. Unlike vehicle insurance, liability insurance for boats is governed on a national level, and there is a minimum amount of liability required for all boats while in Mexican waters, however there is no specific amount stated.

The premiums for these policies are based on items such as power type, length, age, and construction material. Unlike other countries, a recent survey is only required for vessels older than a certain age. The mandatory liability policies that are required by law can be issued rapidly, and can be obtained before you enter into Mexican waters.

At Guardian Insurance MX, we recognize the boating community as a large and unique community of its own. We also recognize that both the West and East coast of Mexico contain some of the most sought after tropical shorelines, coves, fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving in the entire world. Often boat insurance is overlooked by other brokerages and insurance companies, but we want you to enjoy the time you spend on your boat worry-free. We only offer the products of companies that have a reputation for sea vessel insurance knowledge and claim payouts.

Some of the benefits of our boat policies are:

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