Medical Evacuation

For most people, medical evacuation is a supplement to their travel medical insurance policy, private health insurance policy, or government provided insurance policy.

The one negative about medical evacuation is that it does not cover any medical expenses while you are in Mexico. Because of that, some people purchase a private health insurance policy. That way, you will have coverage for medical expenses in Mexico, and then in the event of anything extreme, or should you feel you want to be back closer to your home up north, you can elect to be evacuated there.

The benefit of this type of insurance is that it is elective. The medical evacuation that is built into most private health policies is not, meaning they will only evacuate you if the area you are in does not have a facility capable of treating your situation, and in that case they will only fly you to the closest location that is able to treat it. With medical evacuation, you pick the hospital you want to be taken to, and as soon as you have a doctor’s authorization, you can be elected to be flown there.

Some other benefits of medical evacuation insurance include:

  • Your vehicle, RV, and/or sea vessel can be elected to be taken back north for you
  • Your spouse, children, and/or grandchildren can be elected to be taken back north for you
  • Your pet(s) can be elected to be taken back north for you
  • There are very few denials of acceptance, and those are only for certain major diseases in their later stages
  • The insurance kicks in once you are 101 miles away from your listed residence
  • Plans for people only vacationing in Mexico, and plans for people living full-time in Mexico

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