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Those who prefer to drive in Mexico have made a great choice. This large country has a variety of things to offer for those who desire to explore. The tropical climate, enhances your experience. Having a vehicle can also make your time in Mexico a much more pleasant one, since buses and cabs, especially inter-city, are not always reliable.

Whether you are bringing your foreign-plated vehicle with you into Mexico, legalizing your vehicle at the border so it has Mexican plates, or purchasing a vehicle in Mexico, each process has its own steps and challenges.

Insurance on vehicles also have a multitude of options and limitations. The policy that you choose, the coverages it provides, and the premium you pay all vary, depending on which situation that you are in.

Click on Foreign-Plated Auto Insurance if you will bring your vehicle into Mexico with its foreign plates for any length of time, or click on Mexican-Plated Auto Insurance if you plan to register the vehicle at the border, or if you purchased a vehicle in Mexico, with Mexican plates.

On those sections you can request a quote, or you can email or call us with any questions or concerns.

In other parts of the world, auto insurance is something that is required by law, and usually taken for granted by most people, but in Mexico that is not the case. The laws regarding liability insurance for vehicles are governed on a state, and not a national level, so insurance is not always mandatory, or carried by everyone driving a vehicle.

When you bring your foreign-plated vehicle into Mexico with you, there are a few things you will need to do, and one of them should be making sure you have an auto insurance policy in place. We can help you to issue these policies in advance, so that you are insured from the moment you cross the border. You will need to make sure that you always keep your Temporary Import Permit in the vehicle

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