The claims process in Mexico can differ from that of the USA, Canada or Europe, and for a foreigner, the language barrier can compound the problems that you may face while going through this process. On top of that, the claims process varies based on the type of policy you get, and the insurance provider that issues it. Lastly, because many people are not familiar with the timeframe, necessary documents, correct steps to follow, etc., the process ends up taking much longer than needed.

That is why we feel that claims, how they are handled, and if your brokerage provides assistance with them, should be at the top of your concerns list when looking for a broker/agent, insurance provider and insurance policy in Mexico.

We understand that when you file a claim it means you are facing some sort of difficult situation. Be it the medical emergency of you or a loved one, you are taking some sort of damage or loss to your property, or are being held liable for a certain situation. With each of these situations comes a fair amount of stress and frustration.

But that is why you choose Guardian Insurance MX as your insurance brokerage. We have personnel standing by and ready to assist you through your claims process. Our assistance includes, but is not limited to:


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