About Us

Mission Statement

To provide peace of mind to clients who are living in or traveling to Mexico. Whether you are retiring or vacationing, we believe that our clients should make the most of everything this beautiful country has to offer. We help by protecting the wellbeing of our clients and their family members, as well as ensuring that any property within Mexico is properly protected against any unforeseen circumstances. By working with the most respected and financially stable international and Mexican insurance providers we offer our clients multiple options, and expert advice to help them choose the policy that best fits their unique situation.

Vision Statement

Guardian Insurance MX aims to provide the same level of professionalism and standards that our US, Canadian and European clients are accustomed to.

Guardian Insurance MX eliminates the anxiety associated with investing, living and traveling in Mexico.


We are dedicated to expanding our business to include offices in every major expatriate community and tourist destination in Mexico. Guardian Insurance MX supports the community by providing employment for locals, sponsoring events and in general, being ambassadors for Mexico to demonstrate it is a great place to live and invest. This expansion will have obvious positive results for both our team members and investors as well. We are proud knowing that our company and the policies we offer meet national and international standards, regulations and laws.

Our Team


Michael Keller

East-Coast Regional Manager keller.m@guardianinsurancemx.com

Antonio Trejo

West-Coast Regional Manager

Hector Romero

Claims Department

Susana Alcantara

Legal Counsel

Ricardo Cámara

IT Department

Yorman Martínez

Accounting and Administration



No matter what type of coverage you need, there is a policy for you.

Let us help you find it.

Our Expertise

Guardian Insurance MX is a full-service brokerage in Mexico. What sets us apart is that we cater specifically to the foreign market in Mexico, and we are one of the few brokerages that do so. Because we are a full-service brokerage, we offer policies of all types, as well as a claims service. The departments within Guardian Insurance MX are segmented, so employees only need to concentrate on one type of insurance or service, making them experts in that area.

Health Insurance 100%
Travel Insurance 100%
MedEvac Insurance 100%
Auto Insurance 100%
Property Insurance 100%
Boat Insurance 100%
Life Insurance 100%
Commercial Insurance 100%
Mike and Tiffany Spears
"The Insurance Company was disputing our claim and we thought for sure we would have trouble getting it settled, but Guardian stepped up to bat for us and made sure everything was settled fairly. Now we have all of our insurance through Guardian and we could not be happier with them."
James and Cathy Crawford
"The English speaking staff and the English courtesy translations are something that we were not expecting to get, but to be able to see what we were and were not getting, in our own language, made this process much less stressful. In addition to that, we got ALL our questions and concerns addressed to make sure this product would suit our needs!"

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