Why you should get medical insurance when you’re healthy

If you are living in Mexico or plan on moving here soon, you have probably done a lot of research on topics like the cost of rent, food, which city and state you want to live in. But have you researched the cost of healthcare?

If you are a healthy expat, regardless of age, medical insurance may not seem that important to you. But it is precisely the moment when you should consider purchasing health insurance.

Here’s why:

When you apply for any health insurance policy (not travel medical) you will need to fill out an application that includes a series of questions, many of them health-related. And if you have a significant pre-existing condition or are 65 years or older, you will need to go through several medical exams, lab work, and doctor’s visits and include medical reports as part of the application process. At the end of the evaluation process from the insurance company, your pre-existing conditions are very likely to be excluded or restricted from coverage, which would mean that even with your private insurance policy you will still need to cover most medical expenses related to the pre-existing conditions that weren’t approved for coverage by your insurance company.

This situation is very common among expats, that seek medical insurance after they’ve had a significant health issue and realized that a medical emergency in Mexico is nowhere near as affordable as a doctor’s visit or over of the counter medication. In most cases, the policies are approved with restrictions or exclusions.

But all of that can be avoided if you apply when you are still a young or healthy expat, or one without many or significant pre-existing conditions.

The application process is faster but, more importantly, any conditions that you’re diagnosed with or incidents you suffer while covered will never be excluded in the future by that policy. This is because it is something which occurred when you were already a client of the insurance company.

Insurance is one of those things that we often don’t consider when making plans as expats but by including insurance, you are adding stability and peace of mind to continue your lifestyle while protecting your health, finances, and way of living.

If you don’t have a medical insurance plan yet, the team at Guardian Insurance MX will be happy to help you explore the options available for Expats, as well as the additional services offered by an insurance agency that has not only the expertise of insurance Mexico, but also the license and regulations to legally promote insurance products and services.

Request a health insurance quote and a member of our team will contact you with the options that best suit your needs.

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