Planning parenthodd abroad

Planning Parenthood Abroad: The Importance of Insurance

As the Expats & Digital Nomads community keeps growing in Mexico, so does the number of foreigners that choose this country to have and raise their children, and the truth is that Mexico offers a great environment for that: it has a warm and family-oriented culture, natural diversity, one of the best private healthcare systems in the world, good weather, a very well-rated school system, and very close to countries like the US or Canada.

The Importance of Maternity Insurance for Expats/Digital Nomads

If you are an Expat/Digital Nomad, you’re choosing the right place to have a baby. But have you considered everything maternity involves? For example, a good gynecologist, if your baby will be born in a public hospital or if you want access to private medical facilities, what if there are complications during the pregnancy, delivery, or the newborn? Would you cover all of that out of your pocket, or will you have insurance that helps you face those potential risks and costs? 

While many expats in the past may not have been interested in this matter due to being seniors, the demographic has shifted to include many young adults who are starting families.

Understanding Maternity Insurance in Mexico

Insurance is an essential consideration for Expats planning to have a baby in Mexico, but it’s important to note that not all insurance companies in Mexico cover maternity, and the ones that do, have certain criteria that you may not be familiar with, which is why we will break it down for you:

Securing Insurance Before Pregnancy:

If you’re planning to have a baby and rely on an insurance company in case there were any complications, it’s crucial to obtain maternity insurance before getting pregnant. This is because there is usually a waiting period of around 10 months before the maternity coverage becomes effective. 

Careful Examination of Insurance Policies:

When exploring maternity insurance plans, it’s essential to carefully review the terms and conditions of each policy. Insurance companies often offer multiple plans, and not all of them include maternity coverage. Make sure the maternity coverage is explicitly mentioned in the policy clause before purchasing the insurance. 

Impact of Deductibles on Maternity Coverage:

It’s important to note that maternity coverage is affected by the deductible you choose. For example, you can choose a plan that offers maternity coverage but only if your deductible is $3,000 USD or lower, and no coverage if it’s $4,000 or higher. And once you choose a deductible, it remains unchanged for the entire year, so if you decide to change deductibles to get maternity coverage halfway through the policy year, you won’t be able to do so.

Flexibility in Choosing Doctors and Hospitals:

Depending on the plan you choose, you may have the flexibility to decide on your doctor and hospital beforehand and choose where you would like to give birth. This is a crucial aspect, as it allows you to have more control over your maternity care. 


In summary, if you’re an expat in Mexico planning to have a baby, getting maternity health insurance is highly recommended. Make sure you obtain insurance that explicitly includes maternity, be aware of waiting periods, consider the impact of the deductible, and choose a plan that allows you to have control over your maternity care preferences. This way, you can ensure comprehensive coverage and a smooth experience through your pregnancy and childbirth journey.

For more information, get in touch with one of our health insurance experts today!

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