Boating in Mexico

Boating in Mexican Waters & Watercraft Liability Insurance

Any watercraft entering Mexico’s ports are legally required to carry Mexican Watercraft Liability insurance; the coverage ensures financial responsibility if the boat is responsible for any accident causing damage to other vessels, marinas, or bodily harm.

Watercraft Liability insurance does not cover theft, damages to your boat, or injuries to occupants of your boat; the policy only covers you for damages and injuries your boat has caused to other property and/or people.

Did you know the Mexican government does not recognize marine insurance issued from the US or Canada, even if the policy includes an extended coverage for Mexico?

*Your boat’s liability insurance must be issued by a company authorized by Mexico’s National Insurance Commission.

If your watercraft is involved in an accident in Mexican waters without the appropriate Mexican insurance, your boat will be impounded, and you may have to wait in jail until fault and damages are settled.

Marinas in Mexico will not permit you to moor your boat without proof of Mexican marine liability insurance. You will be required to present the policy before launching the boat in Mexican waters.

Boating liability insurance policy should cover;

If liability loss occurs, it is vital to have an adjuster from your insurance company available to communicate with the Mexican authorities on your behalf.

Beware these policies are only for pleasure cruising if you have accepted payment from your guests, your insurance policy will not protect you.

It is also important to note that Mexican law requires that any boat that has fishing gear on board must also have a current Mexican fishing license for each person on board, including children that are old enough to fish.

Contact Guardian to discuss watercraft liability and full coverage policies for your vessel.


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