Auto Insurance in Mexico: How to pick the best option

There are hundreds of options out there for auto insurance; some really good, some not so much, and prices are pretty much the same. Banks, dealerships and insurance agents and agencies are among the main providers of auto insurance policies in Mexico.

With so many options available, is very easy for Expats to buy insurance from the any provider, expecting the quality and service to be the same among all of them. But is that true?

When you purchase insurance through a bank, dealership or any service provider that is not an insurance agent specialized in expats, your experience will lack the service you need as a foreigner living in Mexico, especially during a claim.

Here’s why:

Banks and dealerships are only insurance providers at the time of the purchase of the policy, but they don’t have the experience nor the knowledge an insurance agent does. They won’t translate the policy documents for you, so you know what you’re buying, and they won’t provide assistance during a claim because it’s simply not part of their job as insurance sellers. When you have questions about your policy or a claim, you’ll be put in contact with the claims department of the insurance company that only speaks Spanish, making the claims experience very challenging and frustrating for you.

On the other hand, if you buy insurance through an agent or agency specialized in the Expat community, you will gain additional very important benefits at no extra cost. Here’s some of them:

Make sure the agent you buy insurance from can offer all these things, otherwise your experience will be just like buying insurance from the bank or dealership.

The team of Guardian Insurance MX understands how important your peace of mind is, especially during a claim, and we’ll be happy to help you explore the options available for you.

Contact us or request a quote through out website: https://guardianinsurancemx.com/mexican-plated-auto-insurance/

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