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Mexico Auto Insurance: Myths Debunked

With so much information on social media or through sources whose specialty is not insurance, it can be difficult to know what is accurate and what is not. In response to that, our team of Auto Insurance experts at Guardian Insurance MX worked on this article to discuss some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Mexican-plated auto insurance. Some of the answers to them might surprise you:

Will the insurance cover me if I only have a US/Canadian driver’s license?

Yes, but not all of them. Some insurance companies require you to carry a Mexican driver’s license to be covered in case of a claim, whereas other providers don’t mind where your license is from.

What if I drive my vehicle without a valid driver's license? Will I still be covered?

Yes, you will still be covered. However, the insurance company would not pay for the fines and/or tickets issued by the authorities for not carrying a valid driver’s license.

What if I drive with no license at all?

Depending on the company you choose, some will still provide coverage, while others may not.

Will my policy provide coverage if it was an underage person driving my vehicle?

Yes, if the child driving has permission to drive from their parents/guardians yes, they will still be covered but the companies that will do this are limited.

What if I'm drinking and driving?

Yes, you will still be covered. However, it’s important to note that insurance companies won’t cover any claims associated with driving under the influence of drugs.

Also, all the answers mentioned above are considering that the vehicle is for personal use only. You would not be covered for using your vehicle for commercial use.

Were you surprised by some of the answers to these questions? Well, if you were and have more questions about insurance in Mexico, we encourage you to speak to an actual insurance broker for accurate information.

Did you also notice that the answers were sometimes “yes” and sometimes “no”?

That’s because those answers vary from company to company. Another reason to speak directly to a broker. There is so much knowledge an insurance broker has acquired over many years in the industry that can’t be matched with the answers you would get from non-insurance experts.

We want to ensure that you feel safe and well-informed when driving in Mexico. So, have a safe and happy drive in Mexico! With the right precautions and an appropriate level of coverage, you can enjoy peace of mind while exploring this beautiful country.

If you want to learn more about Mexican-plated auto insurance or get a quote, contact us.

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