An In-House Claims Assistance Department: Why are they an important consideration for clients?

This year alone our in-house claims assistance department has assisted in the handling of claims valued at more than $100,000 USD paid by our insurance underwriters. Does your broker have an area to assist you during a critical event in Mexico?

With a vast number of insurance agents and brokers, and even illegal agents in Mexico, choosing the right company is a tough decision. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right insurance agency for you. One factor to consider, and possibly one of the most important, is the in-house claims assistance department.

Why is an in-house claims assistance department important?

The insurance industry varies in every country, so even if you’re familiar with this industry or your policy in your home country, the processes in Mexico can bring many surprises.

  • Language barrier: In Mexico, most insurance companies´ call centers only offer services in Spanish. How will you report an auto accident and explain to the insurance company, police officer or adjuster what exactly happened? If your agent does not have a claims assistance department, they’re very likely to let you handle the situation on your own. Our in-house claims assistance department will help with translations and communicating with all the parties involved in the claim.
  • Out-of-pocket expenses: You paid out-of-pocket and are applying for reimbursement, but you have to fill out paperwork in Spanish and gather a number of documents,often in terms that you’re not familiar with. Some documents come from the doctors, some from the pharmacies, the mechanic, the adjuster, etc. How can you make sure you have everything, and that the information is correct? The average wait to hear back from an insurance company is one month, and any time something is missing or needs to be modified, another 30 days will pass for them to respond. Our in-house claims assistance department will make sure the paperwork is correct and in the form the insurance company needs to guarantee a much faster and smoother reimbursement process.
  • Follow-up: You have to bring the vehicle to the mechanic, follow-up days later, sign documents in Spanish after the repair is done, and listen to what the providers have to say in Spanish. What documents are you signing and what guarantee do you have that things were handled properly? Our in-house claims department can make sure that you understand exactly what you´re signing and help to ensure that things are handled with your best interest in mind.
  • Rejected Claims: Was your claim was rejected? Whether it was a claim for Home, Auto, Health, Business, etc, researching your claim and the reasons for the insurance provider may have rejected will be difficult if you don’t speak the language. Let your insurance agency assist you by working with you and the insurance company to determine if there is a way to get the rejected claim approved.

Always remember that the price of a policy should not be the determining factor when choosing the right plan for you. You should also consider whether your insurance broker will be there to help you navigate the challenges of making the best of your insurance.

At Guardian Insurance MX, our team is bilingual and we have an in-house claims assistance department ready to assist you if you ever need to file a claim with your insurance company. For more information on the benefits of purchasing your policy through Guardian Insurance MX, visit our website www.guardianinsurancemx.com

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