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Many tourists and expats living in Mexico supplement their medical insurance with an evacuation policy. We gathered some frequently asked questions about medical evacuation insurance

What is a medical evacuation plan, and why would I purchase it?

If you have a medical emergency, you will be flown to the city and hospital of your choice in your country of birth. Although there are top-rated hospitals and physicians in Mexico, some foreigners prefer to return to Canada or the US for emergency medical treatment. Some folks are more comfortable with a doctor that is familiar with their medical history and prefer to be near family and friends during their hospital stay.

Does my evacuation plan cover the treatment I received in Mexico?

No, evacuation plans do not cover any medical treatment in Mexico; this plan is a supplement to your medical insurance policy. All medical expenses will have to be covered by you or your private health insurance policy.

What situation will determine if I can be flown back home?

You will be transported to the hospital of your choice if you suffer a critical injury or illness.

If I suffer an injury, and even though it can be treated in Mexico, can I choose to return home for treatment?

Yes, you may choose to be flown home for treatment of a life or organ threatening illness or injury, fractures or broken bones. Some evacuation plans will only fly you home if there isn’t a hospital or doctor to properly treat your condition, and some other evacuation plans will fly you home even if the hospital where you are has the proper equipment if that is your decision

Do I have a choice of hospitals?

Yes, while the medical evacuation of a private health policy will only deliver you to the closest hospital who can treat your case, medical evacuation plans give you the option to choose the hospital where you want to be transported

Will my premium increase each as I age?

No; your rates will not increase with age.

Will I qualify with a pre-existing condition?

Yes, if you qualify there is a 90-day waiting period for pre-existing conditions; and your plan can be renewed for life without re-qualifying each year.

Do I need to requalify each year? 

No, it is not necessary to requalify for coverage each year, regardless of your medical conditions.

I am traveling with my minor children; how will they get back if something happens to me?

We will get your family home, including spouse (no discrimination of sex or marital status), children, grandchildren, and pets.

As a tourist, how will I get my RV back to the US if something happens to me?

The plan ensures the return of vehicles to your home, including RVs, watercraft, cars, and motorcycles.

When does my evacuation plan come into effect?

Once you are over 100 miles from your selected US or Canadian address.

If one spouse predeceases the other, what happens with the remaining multi-year membership? 

The membership may be transferred to a surviving partner or family member.

If I was to pass away in Mexico, would my remains be taken back to my country?

Yes, the plan includes repatriation of mortal remains.

Please contact us for a quote or more information about MedEvac.

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