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An important reminder before traveling this season

As travel season approaches, we know that many of you will return to your home countries to visit your family and friends for the holidays, and many of you snowbirds will be returning to Mexico for the winter months.

Keep in mind that some countries ask for negative COVID results or even proof of vaccinations, so we recommend that you contact the consulate of the country you are traveling to, to find out what the requirements are to be able to travel there. We recommend you check with your corresponding consulate for specific requirements before traveling.

If you are leaving Mexico, many local hospitals, clinics, and laboratories offer private testing for travel purposes; and some airlines and international airports in Mexico offer to test on-site as a last resort. For further information on the COVID test in airports, please confirm directly with your carrier for more information on the availability of this service.

In some cases they also require you to have some medical or travel insurance with COVID coverage, so we want to remind you that we have designed an exclusive product for you, our clients, with the coverage you need to travel anywhere in the world. Some of the benefits are:

You can click on the following link to receive a quote: Travel Insurance Quote

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