Travel Insurance in times of COVID

Travel Insurance in times of COVID

Understanding Travel Insurance Coverage and COVID-19 Restrictions

After almost 3 years since COVID-19 was first detected, the situation seems to be under control, at least for the most part by the corresponding authorities. And with that, international borders and airports have opened their doors again and the number of trips has skyrocketed around the world.

The search and purchase of travel insurance policies has increased significantly, but so has the misunderstanding and confusion as to how policies will work if COVID cases go up again, or if during your visit to a certain country the WHO changes the label of such country to one that your insurance provider considers being of high risk and therefore cancels any coverage you may need whether related to COVID or not.

To make it easier for you here’s some information shared by our experts at Guardian:

Some travel insurance companies are issuing policies excluding coverage for COVID, whereas some others do include it. However, the COVID coverage with most of them becomes null if the WHO recommends another lockdown in the country or area you are visiting or if a new variant is detected.

Also, if there is any sort of travel restrictions issued by the authorities of your home country, you may find it difficult to get a policy that can offer the coverage you need.

Fortunately, there are also companies that have designed travel insurance plans that offer coverage regardless of travel restrictions or variation in the average COVID cases in your destination country. These companies are very transparent about the level of coverage they are offering in cases like this, which makes the buyer feel very comfortable by knowing what benefits they are entitled to from the beginning.

But why is it that some companies don’t offer any coverage during times of COVID, but some DO? That is because each company decides the risk they want to take on, based on the analysis each of them make through their actuaries, popular destinations of their clients, and their claims experience from recent years. So, both great and not-so-great companies could decide to either offer or exclude coverage related to COVID, and areas with a higher risk of the virus.

If you are looking for a plan that can offer coverage for standard medical expenses and for COVID regardless of travel restrictions, click here for an easy online quote customized to your needs.

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