7 Questions to Ask Your Broker Before You Buy Health Insurance

The need for medical treatment is often sudden and unpredictable, accidents and medical issues are not scheduled, and can bankrupt the average person. A private Mexican health insurance policy will protect you and your family in Mexico and/or around the world. Understand what you are purchasing by thoroughly reviewing the policy with your broker.

Here are 7 questions worth asking your insurance broker:

Which hospital or medical provider can I use?

Does your insurance company have a preferred medical provider in your city? Some hospitals have a better relationship with the insurance company and may provide direct billing. Determine which hospital you may use if you are involved in an accident or need surgery.

Which countries are covered in my health insurance policy?

Some policies cover international health care, but you may pay extra to include the US, for example. Do they have a list of sanctioned countries?

What is the deductible on my policy? 

Is the deductible per incident or year? A higher deductible means a lower yearly fee, but make sure you have the means to pay the deductible should something happen.

How many days do I have to submit the facturas and appropriate documents for my claim?

There is always a time limit on submitting your documents, do not miss the deadline.

Will your policy cover pre-existing conditions?

Be honest and discuss your pre-existing condition with your broker to determine your best options.

What is the claims process, who will take my call when I need assistance?

Ask the broker the exact steps to take if you are admitted to the hospital, and who will take your call?

What can I do if my claim denied?

Is there an appeal process, and how does it work?


Please contact us with any questions you may have about health insurance in Mexico. https://guardianinsurancemx.com/contact-us/

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