The best time to buy Travel Insurance

The best time to buy Travel Insurance

When is the best time to get insurance if you plan on traveling?​

Our group of Travel Insurance Experts answered this common question asked by thousands of travelers.

With so much misinformation on social media, online, travel agencies lacking knowledge of the insurance they are selling, etc., it can be quite confusing for you, the consumer.

But here is a simplified answer by our experts:

Trip cancellation/interruption​

This may not be a concern for many, but it’s a benefit included automatically in almost every travel insurance policy. However, it only applies if you buy the policy before you’ve booked your flights or on the same day (should be confirmed with the insurance provider). So why give up on this benefit that wouldn’t cost you any extra? What if the airport cancels flights due to a natural disaster, or you must cancel your trip because of a health emergency in your family?

Early return due to illness, accident, or a disaster​

Like the reasons mentioned above, sometimes we may need to return home sooner than expected, and most likely the airline will either penalize us or make us buy a new ticket. Just by getting your policy before the start day of your trip, these additional expenses would be covered by the company.

These are only some of the benefits you would be giving up to if you buy your policy after booking your flights. For an easy online insurance quote customized to your needs, click here.

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