Knowledge is Power: Especially During the Insurance Claim Process

Knowledge is power and this certainly applies in the case of your insurance in Mexico. No matter the type of coverage, your understanding of your insurance and the knowledge and experience of a licensed broker is key. In fact, your broker is more important during the claims process than the purchasing process.

Unfortunately, insurance is not something you can test drive, walk through, or try on before you purchase it and you only truly understand the quality of your policy when you have the misfortune to use it. And, if you have had a negative experience, it is most likely connected to not understanding your coverage and/or how the claim process works.

Anyone can sell you an insurance policy by learning a few superficial things about it and having a good personality. However, their knowledge and value as the agent you chose are tested when you have a claim and the level of assistance they provide.

Of course, the participation of your insurance broker during a claim doesn’t not mean claims will always be paid or that won’t take time. Keep in mind that all policies and insurance companies have coverage, limits, waiting periods, definitions and exclusions, which will determine if your claim is accepted and covered by your company. However, the participation of your broker will make the claims process much less complicated, frustrating and time consuming for you, especially because a licensed insurance broker has the insurance experience you don’t.

If your claim is denied but you have reasons to appeal, your broker is your best ally to resubmit a claim and disclose the reasons to your insurance provider as to why they should accept your claim.

When choosing a broker, research their reputation during a claim. This will help you make a wise decision, and not just choose a company or broker based on their price.

Remember, the cheapest policy is always not the best policy. The knowledge and experience of your insurance broker when you need to actually use your policy will put you in the best position for a positive claim experience here in Mexico.

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