Health Insurance in Mexico

Does Medicare Cover My Medical Expenses in Mexico?

The most common question from US citizens looking to travel or retire in Mexico is whether their Medicare coverage is valid here. The simple answer is no.

Medicare is only available to citizens and permanent residents of the USA who are residing in the USA.

Some exceptions when Medicare may cover your expenses in a foreign country include;

  • If you have a medical emergency and the foreign hospital is closer than the nearest US hospital.
  • You are traveling through Canada between the continental US and Alaska.
  • A foreign hospital that can treat your condition is closer to your home than the nearest US hospital.
  • You are traveling on a ship which is not more than 6 hours away from a US port.
  • Your US doctor admits you to a foreign hospital for treatment.

Medicare does not cover prescription drugs bought outside of the USA.

When it comes to living in Mexico, you can not rely on your foreign healthcare plan. If you plan to retire or snowbird in Mexico it is essential that you purchase private health insurance, or at least purchase a medical evacuation insurance plan which will take you to the closest US hospital. This plan will not cover any treatment done in Mexico; it is only a supplement to your medical insurance policy. Medical expenses incurred in Mexico will need to be covered by you or your private health insurance policy.

Mexican hospitals do not file Medicare claims for your travel medical costs. So if, by chance, a portion of your medical expenses are covered by Medicare, you will be responsible for submitting your receipts to Medicare.

We offer many options for your insurance needs, whether you require a national or an international health policy we have you covered.

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