Considerations for Foreigners Choosing an Insurance Broker in Mexico

There are many insurance brokers out there, and they all claim to provide the most comprehensive policies and the best customer service. Expats living in Mexico need to expect more from their insurance broker in Mexico than someone living in the US or Canada.

Resolving anything in Mexico can be a challenge as there are always hoops to jump through and a lot of red tape. You need to make sure your broker knows their way around the Mexican insurance system. When a claim occurs, it is too late to feel uncertain about how your claim will be resolved. Choose wisely; pick a company and a broker who will be there for you. The last thing you want during this stressful and emotional time is to be faced with language barriers and impersonal call centers.

Top 10 Expectations of an Insurance Broker in Mexico:

✓ Your broker should be your ally, located and available in Mexico should you need assistance.

✓ Do they have an established public office? Choose a broker that has roots in the community and is not working out of a coffee shop, which could be considered a flight risk.

✓ Experience and licensing: Most importantly, the insurance broker needs to be licensed to sell insurance in Mexico. Many people are selling insurance illegally, essentially, under the table. These sales-people typically do not have an office nor do they advertise. They make their sales through word of mouth, but should they be misleading the client it could lead to denial of claims and the cancellation of the policy. The insurance license ensures the broker is diligent and complies with the law; it protects clients from errors made by the broker, and the errors of omission policy protects the insured. Ask for proof of licensing in Mexicowhen you are shopping for insurance of any kind.

✓ Bilingual: It is essential for an insurance broker to speak Spanish and English as it is virtually impossible to resolve a claim if you do not know the language. The broker can speak with Mexican officials, hospitals, and other agencies involved in your claim, and at the same time keep you informed of the status of your claim. It can be challenging to resolve these matters in Mexico on your own. There is always a lot of paperwork involved with anything you try to accomplish in Mexico. You will appreciate a bilingualspeaker on your side.

✓ Will your broker participate in the claim, and assist with reporting and coordination during the claim?

✓ In-house Claims Department: Choose a broker with an in-house claims department; Why? Because they can assist you throughout the entire process of your claim, and explain everything you do not understand. Insurance seems like a whole different world. You want someone who understands it, and even more in a country where English is not the official language.You do not want to be dealing with a claim on your own.

✓ Is your broker approachable? A broker should be available to provide assistance and answer your inquiries. Many agents are busy selling policies but not taking care of their existing clients. How is their follow-up to your inquiries? If you do not hear back from them promptly or they are hard to reach during the sales process, you are less likely to hear back during a claim.

✓ Does your broker offer a variety of policies with options to suit your requirements and your budget? The broker should listen to you and take the time to compare and help you choose which policy suits your needs, not push the policy with the highest commission.

✓ Does the broker represent a financially sound company and a stable underwriter?

✓ Will they put everything in writing? Any promises or inclusions made during the sale of the policy are not valid if they are not written in the policy. You will have no recourse if it is not in writing.

Guardian Insurance is fully licensed to sell insurance in Mexico and focused on providing this service to the expat community.

The team members of Guardian speak English and Spanish, ensuring ease of communication between you and your broker, and the broker and the different companies and/or organizations during your evaluation process, purchase process, claims process, and to answer questions and concerns you may have.

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