Auto insurance in Mexico

Auto Insurance in Mexico: Who is your best option?

When shopping for auto insurance in Mexico, there are hundreds of options one click away. Nowadays you can purchase this type of insurance through banks, car dealerships, directly from the insurance company or through an insurance broker. And while auto insurance policies are very similar to each other, who you purchase the policy from will make a huge difference.

The following are the most important aspects to consider, brought to you by experts in the insurance world:

Insurance companies, banks or car dealerships don't provide documents in English

The official language in Mexico is Spanish, so insurance companies are obligated to issue all their policies in that language. If you buy directly from them you will not know what benefits you have, and how they work. On the other hand, insurance brokers serving Expats will translate everything for you even before you buy the policy.

Insurance Brokers attention to detail

If you have questions about the policy, banks and car dealerships won’t be able to address them as specifically as an insurance broker.

Insurance is the specialty and full time job of insurance brokers. Banks are great at what they do, car dealers the same, but insurance is certainly not their expertise.

  • How does your deductible work?
  • Which parties are involved in a claim?
  • Where does your vehicle get repaired after a claim?
  • Which hospitals will accept your policy in case of medical injuries in an accident?

Those are only a few questions that insurance brokers are asked daily and by thousands of clients throughout the year. If you want an expert by your side, it is best you do not use a provider selling insurance on the side of their main job.

Assistance during emergencies.

During a claim you will never receive the assistance from a car dealer or a bank. You will be on your own with the insurance company adjuster, and 99.9% of the time they only speak Spanish. With an insurance broker serving Expats, you will receive assistance during your claim in your own language.

In addition, it is your insurance broker claims department who will deal with Spanish speakers, such as adjusters or any other parties involved so the language barrier isn’t a problem for you.

If you are planning on buying an auto insurance policy or want to compare the service provided by other brokers, the team at guardian insurance is ready and happy to help.

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