Advantages of having private health insurance

Advantages of Private Health Insurance in Mexico

In the previous articles, we talked about the myths and truths of healthcare in Mexico, both public and private, and discussed IMSS as an option if you can’t afford private insurance of any kind. But in this article, we’ll discuss why getting private health insurance as an Expat is essential, and the advantages over IMSS or paying out of your pocket.

One thing we’ve all learned is that no matter where you are unforeseen occurrences tend to happen, and concerning our health, it is no different.

Unexpected situations overtake us all

Say for instance you get sick, or you’re in an accident and now you need to go to the hospital and find out that based on your injuries or how you feel without insurance this is going to be pricey.

Let’s be honest: how many of us travel with any type of emergency fund? Well, that’s where private insurance comes in handy. By signing up you don’t have to worry about any out-of-pocket expenses, which can be costly depending on what your health problem is.

The average annual cost of health insurance in Mexico

We have discussed that topic in the past, but to give you an idea, the amount you pay for the year for insurance could end up being the same amount you pay out of pocket for one day in a private hospital in Mexico.

Flexibility to choose the hospital and doctor of your preference

With private insurance, you’re not tied to the one place you’re staying now. Say you’re in Puerto Vallarta but decided you want to go to San Miguel Allende or Mexico City. With the right insurance policy, you can be treated anywhere in Mexico regardless of the city you live in.

Besides, you can tailor your insurance plans based on your needs: coverage only in Mexico, worldwide excluding the US, or worldwide including the US.

You can also choose the level of coverage you want: basic, catastrophic, or comprehensive. This flexibility allows individuals to align their coverage with their international lifestyle.

The great part about that too is that you don’t ever have to worry about ending up in some random hospital or being limited to the one hospital assigned by IMSS or going to the hospital you can afford.

With Private Insurance you have access to any private hospital, meaning you can go to the nearest private hospital available in case of emergency, or choose to be treated at the best hospital for your particular condition.

Without private insurance, there might not be a hospital close by or even one at all, OR it could turn very expensive for your financial stability.

Timing is key

So, you know that saying “Hurry up and wait”, well if you don’t have insurance, you could be waiting a long time to get what you need. We know that even in the States or Canada hospitals are overwhelmed with the number of patients, and things are the same in the public healthcare system in Mexico, it can take a while to be seen and cared for. With private insurance, you’ll be taken care of ASAP.

What about language?

You’re in Mexico, so the language barrier needs to be addressed.

We discussed in the previous article that with IMSS you’re not going to speak to someone who speaks English, and when it comes to your health it’s important that you know and understand what’s happening.

With private insurance that isn’t an issue, at private hospitals, you’ll meet with doctors and nurses who speak English and are ready to assist you.

Hygiene & cleanliness

Finally, let’s discuss cleanliness, which most of us are big on. When we get sick, the last thing we want to worry about is whether a hospital is clean or not.

Here’s what one of our clients from up north shared with us regarding seeking healthcare without insurance: “I know in the States when I had to go to the doctor with a family member who didn’t have insurance I would be freaking out, if I wasn’t sick before I was going to get sick just by being on there, I would come home and immediately take a shower before touching anything”.

Well, you can avoid that altogether by having private health insurance, where they have the staff needed to care for the cleanliness of the facility, so you can be focused on your health and that’s it.

In conclusion

Living in a foreign country is great, but it also helps that you’re prepared before things happen, and taking care of your health and finances is a form of self-care.

Get the insurance that you need so you can focus on the more important things, i.e. your new life in Mexico, your job, where to reside, how to have fun whilst achieving your goals, and overall, enjoy the life and adventures that await you. 

We hope this article has provided the help you need to make an informed decision. Until next time.

For more information on the benefits and costs of private health insurance, contact one of our brokers today!

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