2023 hurricane season

2023 Hurricane Season is upon us: how to be prepared

Hurricane season is set to Start May 15th in Mexico

At a recent press conference, Conagua (National Water Commission for its acronym in Spanish) officials explained that the cyclone period will be “active” this year, so they expect a higher-than-usual season in the Pacific Ocean with up to 30 percent more than average. They predict Between 7 and 9 will be tropical storms and there will be 1 to 3 hurricanes with categories 1 or 2. Mexico is also one of the only countries that is at risk of being hit by two Tropical Storms this season.

So, let’s talk about what that means:

For example, last year a tropical storm caused a lot of damage in Puerto Vallarta, a city that used to be considered at a low risk against hurricanes and severe weather.  The storm surge broke over the sea wall and caused damage to hundreds of coastal buildings of Puerto Vallarta, including 150 stores and 3 hotels, at a cost of over $5 Million USD.  52 people were reported injured in Vallarta and unfortunately, there was one death.  

Many people thought that because it was just a “Tropical Storm” it wouldn’t be that bad, but as we just mentioned, the damage was significant.

The same thing can happen to cities like Cancún-Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, and any other beach cities in Mexico.

So, what does that mean for you, and how can your property be covered?

Start looking into Home Insurance / Homeowners Insurance BEFORE there is a hurricane/tropical storm alert issued by an authority in Mexico.

That way before a Natural disaster occurs, you’ll already be covered, and you can rest peacefully knowing that any damage that happens to your home is covered.

Once Hurricane Season is here it’ll be harder to find an insurance company willing to underwrite home insurance policies with that coverage included, however, you can still find options available

But when there is a hurricane/tropical storm alert, no insurance company will issue a policy with that coverage until after the threat is gone. That is why we encourage you to take care of this matter before we get deeper into the Hurricane season.

You might also be wondering if Home Insurance in Mexico is maybe too expensive, and that’s a reasonable question. You want to be able to protect yourself and your home without breaking the bank. The good news is that it is affordable, in fact, it’s less than 5% of the average cost than the coverage limit of your property.

Lastly, you might ask yourself “Do I really need this coverage?”

The short answer is yes!

The question isn’t “would” something like this happen in your area, it’s “when?”

You don’t want to risk having to pay out of pocket for something that could’ve been covered for a small cost. Most Expats living in Mexico moved to enjoy a life of leisure and to escape the stressors of Living in the US, Canada, or Europe. Remember, it’s better to be over-prepared than to not be prepared at all.

Ensuring that your house is covered will save you the headache of trying to scramble up the money to pay for any expenses that any natural disaster might cause. So, continue the path of a stress-free life by getting a free Home Insurance Quote today. Until next time, stay safe.

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